Sounds of Summer playlist

Songtitle | Artist : and comments for Sounds of Summer cd swap. These are extra notes for my 3 swap partners in New York, Illinois, and Virginia. I felt too lazy to go up to the computer lab at school and print all of this out. But my excuse was that I am on bicycle. Please feel free to comment, especially of you are one of them.

The flow of this mix cd is like from sunrise to sunset, the magical (and tolerable) time of summer. These songs make me want to get up and dance. I hope they do the same to you too.

1. Listen | Free the Robots : Instead of a band asking me to be their friend, I asked them to be my friend on myspace.

2. Crazy | Gnarls Barkley : This song is everywhere. I believe that it will still be everywhere on oldies radio stations years from now.

3. Seventeen Years | Ratatat : Not the headliner band at a show in Dallas, Ratatat played second. And second was the best.

4. Wanomo | Hifana :  The images that you imagine for this song don't compare to

5. Crayon | Manitoba : The dogs remind me of sneaking out at night as a middle schooler.

6. It's Summertime | the Flaming Lips : The music of the Flaming Lips consoled me when I was upset and alienated amongst strangers in San Francisco last summer.

7. Do the Whirlwind | Architecture in Helsinki : At first I tried to deny that I liked them, but their infectious melodies got me to eventually like them. This is a good soundtrack while rollerskating.

8. The Skin of My Yellow Teeth | Clap Your Hands Say Yeah : In the winter, this song made me look forward to being in love during the summer.

9. Teenage Highs | Nouvelle Vague : This is still a fun summer song, even if you're not a teen anymore.

10. La bicyclette | Yves Montand : I wish I knew French. But I know the word 'bicyclette' and that is synonymous with summer.

11. Ghostwriter | RJD2 : Even though this song is on t.v. commercials, it still makes me feel like a winner. That is possibly why it is effective for advertising.

12. El Cuarto de Tula | Compay Segundo : I wish I knew Spanish fluently, and the lyrics may possibly be a little racy. But that is synonymous with summer too.

13. Que Onda Guero | Beck : A song to play while crusing down the street with one hand on your bicycle handlebars and one hand holding a popsicle.

14. Groove Holmes | the Beastie Boys : If I was stuck on a hypothetical island and had to choose just one song, this would be it.


i just came back from biking for 2 hours. i tried to figure out a way to plot my course using Googlemaps, but couldn't. i don't know the exact street numbers from Fry Street to Old Stoney Street. my friend Clarissa has a pedometer on her bicycle and she said we went about 19 miles round trip!

man, i'm tired. i think i'm going to go buy myself a little oven pizza. yum.
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another deer in the forest!

last night i went to go see From Monument to Masses play at Rubber Gloves. there were three other bands before that which were not very good. my friends that i met up with, Miranda and Djkhangir, had left by the third band.

i was seriously considering leaving because i wanted to take a nap before i helped Jon with the paper route.

but, i stuck around. it was well worth it.

FMtM is amazing. their music is amazing on CD, but their live set is absolutely mindblowing. what frustrated me is that a lot of people just stood or sat in chairs. static in one place.

but i was dancing my ass off and sweating like crazy. i didn't have anything to lose. i didn't know anyone there. i liked to chuckle to myself thinking about how crazy i must have looked. eh.

it was fun. so much fun.

during the set, i noticed that 2 of the 3 band members were Asian. or maybe looked Asian? i got enough courage, most likely beer induced, to ask them, "So, how does it feel to be an Asian in the art scene?".

the first dude i asked, Sergio, had some really interesting stuff to say. in fact, HE WAS FILIPINO TOO!

i cannot describe how, for lack of a better word, stoked i was!

all my life growing up, i felt like such the odd one out because i wasn't into rap like all the other Flip kids. i also felt odd-out because i didn't know Tagalog (the Filipino language) and was very "Americanized" compared to the other kids. Sergio said that there is are people who are exactly like me. quite a few of them.

he gave me all of these interesting websites. such as a FilipinA activitst one that his wife is a part of.

on the way back home i ended up crying tears of joy. the consolation that i'm not so different and that somewhere i really belong makes me so happy.
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nevermind the paper crane

so, i'm scrapping the idea of a paper crane tattoo. instead, i'm hoping to go for a lunar moth on my upper right arm. this one will be show up nicely because of the seafoam green and fuzzy little antennae of the moth.

idea#2 for a tattoo
idea#1 for a tattoo
idea#1 for a tattoo

it will be beautiful and i'm hoping to get it done someplace nice.

no good on Normal Street

nothing good ever happens on Normal Street, in Denton. last summer, i was on that street at my friend's apartment. lot's of crazy stuff happened, but let's just say i thought i was dead.

today, i went to get a refund on my deposit from Normal Street Tattoos. yesterday, i had left that place with the intuition that i shouldn't have given the dude a ca$h depo$it. he said he needed it to custom design my tattoo and do research. but i had already done all the research for him, i thought by providing this illustrations:
idea#1 for a tattoo

idea#1 for a tattoo

i should have followed my intution about that tattoo dude, about that place. the decor of Normal Street Tattoos was the type of gargoyles, fallen angels, and a lot of unreleased-angst-in-the-form-of-"art". the dude, "Johnny X", is just one of those guys who lives in the same downtrodden world of his decor, not quite recovering from troubled teen years of self-contained anger.

so, TODAY:
i went to get a refund because i didn't like the decor of the place, i didn't like the smell (sardines and pot?), and i didn't like that Johnny X. my intution was right and he turned out to be an asshole. he was really nice at first when i first walked in; he assumed i was there to go through with the whole deal. but then his whole demeanor changed when i said that i didn't want to get a tatoo anymore or ever (from him). he quickly, so unbusiness-like, became angry and had to go back to his "employees only" area (probably his room because he also lives in this house place) and stayed there for about 15 minutes. i was just waiting awkwardly in the reception/living room area getting more impatient and angry.

he came back out and looked angry but talked a calmly. the deposit, according to him, was non-refundable for all this time he spent researching and drawing sketches, which were pretty shitty by the way. my argument is that i changed my mind, plain and simle.

i was just so angry that i was becoming dizzy. this happens to me during intense moments of ANGER. to make a long story short, he offered me back only 20 of the 50 dollar deposit i gave him. i didn't even ask for his shitty drawings of my crane idea. i was so angry that i just left and sarcastically thanked him for his time since his main complaint was that i just wasted his.

what an asshole. obviously, this guy is failing at his business. especially if he flies off the handle like that to someone who changes their mind. all of the photos of tats he had done were shitty and i was beginning to question his artistic ability. and he was just a creepy dude to begin with.

so, i'm scrapping the tattoo of a crane on my belly idea.

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it's my birthday! was just 21 minutes ago.

this year's birthday weekend should be marked with a white stone. as a summer child, i never really got to see my close friends on my birthday. just the random acquaintances from summer school would show up to my parties.

but this year,
i got to see Julianna, Ellie, Sandie, and sandie's mom Judy. in addition to the acquaintances here in Denton which are becoming more like friends. Denton friends!

Julianna & Ellie got here late Saturday night. it was a bit awkward having a total of 4 people in my room because usually it's just Jon & i. finally, after a bit of catching up and getting ready all 4 of us went to go see a local benefit show. we left kind of early and went back to my place. slumber-party style, i feel asleep during a long conversation with Ellie.

the next Sunday morning, Ellie Julianna & i went to iHop for breakfast. i really wish that Denton had more locally-owned breakfast places. then we all said goodbye and went our seperate ways. later that afternoon i had a snack with Sandie & her mom. it was good to see her mom again, especially when she pointed out that all three of us have known each other for more than 15 years!

after we had all parted, i was feeling a bit stressed because i had not baked my ice cream cake that i advertised on my birthday invitation. for at least 4 hours before my 9ish o'clock party, i slaved away in the kitchen.

i think the party was a success, if not awkward at first. it's always awkward at first: making last minute preparations and then anxiously waiting for the first guest. but as the night progressed, i ate enough food-on-the-grill, homemade ice cream cake, and cupcakes especiales to breeze through the night. i remember that Rachel and her boyfriend Micah showed up first. then James and Danny. Pam was the last person i remember distinctly greeting at the door. then other people just randomly showed up throughout the night. like Miranda, Audra, and Nick. Djackhangir. Annie. Carmen. Yearie Jo and her boyfriend. Shrie and Jamie...i feel like there were more. i wish i had taken photos though.

i got cool presents. yay! from Ellie: a lotus flower sponge and sun-coconut lotion. from Julianna: a small hammock purse. Sandie: bars of soap. Yeari: Deery-Lou notebook and pen. Rachel: a Cinammaroll mini-notebook and Keroppi lego-like stamp set. and from Carmen: an awesome haircut. all of it kick ass!

the next morning after my party, i woke up still affected by cupcakes and what-not on my actual birthday. i decided not to go to class that day. i ate more special birthday food and conked out until Jon came back home from class. his arrival made me feel guilty about my laziness, so i ran out to do my errands before their respective offices (such as the post office) closed down for the day.

later that night, i met up with most of the people that i went with to Chicago: Rachel, Travis, Paige, and Todd. we were just missing Annie. Jon opted to stay home and sleep and study for his Physics test tomorrow. i was a bit bummed but he had brought me flowers earlier that day. and he's been really stressed about school lately, and then his lack of sleep before going to work do not help him. i understood and put up a smile because he's looking really tired lately.

so, the dinner of bar food was quite nice. except towards the end when i had too many $1 Monday margaritas.


Another thing that I do on the internet, in addition to the time spent looking for snail mail sites, is look at the History of visited web pages.

Jon & I share this computer currently. So, I've noticed a fair share of links for porn sites. Then lately, I noticed that there were no links in the Histroy. I started to get suspicious.

My theory is that most guys need to look at porn as an outlet for their sexual urges throughout the day. Otherwise, they'll go out and cheat on you. This theory could well be possibly flawed, but it's based on my own experiences. Most of the evidence supporting this theory is from my last relationship. I was really rigid and would become upset if he looked at porn. It was a constant issue. Then he went out and cheated on me. So, I decided that this current relationship with Jon would be different. I decided to be more relaxed about the issue.

But today I saw that Jon was browsing for porn again. The order of when it happens is kind of funny because it's in between links for computer part Ebay auctions and Physics tutorials.

Sometimes I click on the links to see what he's looking at. Sometimes the girls are brunette and tanned. Which makes me like to think that they are a stand in for me. But sometimes they're blonde, have enormous boobs, or lesbians, or some other quality that is not me.

And this time after snooping, I felt jealous because I wanted to be looked at by Jon the same way he looks at those girls. I even looked up breast implants on a whim of...revenge? acceptance? i can't quite place the reason or feeling.

Also in my jealousy, I browse around those porn sites hoping there will be something that appeals to me. But all the stuff with men is for people who like waxed, tanned, steriod buff men. Gross. And they have small penises. Or maybe it's just that it looks small in comparison to the rest of the monstrousity.

But then I found Sweet Action Magazine by typing (I give you permission to laugh) 'indie boy porn' in Google. The link was the first one listed.

It's kind of frustrating because there are no teaser pictures. All of the photos with guys in them look like guys with no shirts on. In fact, with all the girly colors and design it doesn't even look like a porn website except that it proclaims, "Porn For Girls!". Usually anything "--- for girls!" is the watered down version of the standard-for-boys item. But after I read some reviews and checked out their myspace page and read more reviews, I decided to cave in and order an issue.

So I feel better now. And now I can go to sleep.
It's going to be interesting if one of the roommates and even Jon, pick up the mail the day my magazine arrives.

I'll give an update the day Sweet Action Magazine arrives. It should be interesting.